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Emirates Motor Company Commercial Vehicles offers premium maintenance solutions to uphold the pristine state of your bus, truck, or van, ensuring its readiness for any mission. Our adept and profoundly skilled technicians operate within cutting-edge workshops, furnished with specialized equipment to guarantee the utmost precision in maintenance. Authentic Mercedes-Benz parts are exclusively utilized to uphold our uncompromising standards. We meticulously adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for all maintenance procedures and boast efficient IT systems to ensure swift turnaround times, facilitating your vehicle's swift return to the road. Rely on EMC CV to uphold your bus, truck, or van's prime condition for all your transportation demands.

Emergency Road-Side Assistance

Whenever you encounter technical glitches or face starting issues during your journey, you can confidently rely on the expertise of our Service24h professionals.

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After Sales

You can trust in the well-established reputation of EMC CV for its reliability and exceptional quality. To offer you even more assurance, every new Mercedes-Benz vehicle purchased through the EMC CV network is accompanied by an extensive 12-month warranty, effective from the delivery date. This warranty can also be aligned with the date of the initial registration or operation, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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Remote Location

Selecting an EMC Commercial Vehicle offers several strong reasons, including outstanding quality, reliability, power, and consistent performance in daily operations. In addition to these features, you can count on quick assistance whenever you need it, ensuring you receive the support you require precisely when it's needed.

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Our After Sales

EMC CV offers a superior level of service that remains accessible and is staffed by skilled and accommodating experts, frequently accessible around the clock. Ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of your commercial vehicle is essential for preserving its operational efficiency. Through streamlined procedures, proficient staff, and the utilization of Authentic Parts, EMC CV stands equipped to address all your service requirements, ensuring your truck, bus, or van remains on the road, contributing to your business's revenue generation.

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What sets EMC CV Aftersales apart from the competition.

  • EMC CV offers Mercedes-Benz Certified technicians for their after sales service.
  • The workshop area is extensive, measuring 7,900 sqm and containing multiple bays.
  • The spare parts warehouse is well-stocked and covers an area of 1,700 sqm.
  • Multi-purpose paint booths are available for use.
  • There is a dedicated engine repair room for efficient repairs.
  • A complete body shop is available for accident repair, vehicle modification and reconditioning.
  • The workshop area is air-conditioned for added comfort.


Fleetboard represents a technological innovation provided by Daimler, harnessing its expertise in connectivity to enhance fuel efficiency, curtail maintenance expenses, mitigate accident risks, and proactively avert penalties.
By furnishing instant data insights, Fleetboard empowers fleet managers with heightened vehicular oversight. Leveraging intelligent integration of drivers, fleets, and orders, this solution elevates overall fleet productivity.
Tailoring a spectrum of telematics services to unique needs, Fleetboard stands as a streamlined and impactful method for fleet management.